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What We Do

Optimal Health and Ageing

Optimal Health and Ageing Consultations include comprehensive health history assessments and advanced health related monitoring equipment to allow you to understand more about your unique self. We develop evidence based protocols that are tailored to you and offer access to a range of modern investigative tests to help you answer those important questions relating to long term health issues.


Shape and Weight

Shape and Weight is a unique service focusing on body shape and body composition to help you to attain and maintain a healthy weight. At Green Apple Nutrition our Shape and Weight program provides a series of options to help you reduce hard to reduce body fat deposits using the latest safe and non invasive low level laser therapy, whilst working with you to develop dietary and lifestyle adaptions that will assist you in your weight reduction goals.


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An exciting range of quality nutritional supplements, natural personal care products and health screening tests. 


DNA Life

A range of genetic tests to help you make the choices you need for optimal health, optimal sports and optimal ageing. Optimal health begins with knowing yourself and genetic testing is fast becoming an essential component in the assessment of your individualised nutritional and lifestyle needs. These tests unlike others focus upon practical and positive nutritional and lifestyle changes that can make real differences to the development and progesssion of many common and longterm health concerns.

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Optimal Sports

Be your best by combining nutritional science with DNA Life genetic testing and discover your true athletic potential. Remove the guess work from your training sessions, get faster results, avoid overtraining and injury.

Sports Nutritional Therapy and DNA Sports are the optimal combination whatever your sporting ambitions. 


The Healthy Food Corner

The Healthy Food Corner provides seasonal food ideas for fresh nutritious meals and snacks. With the help of some of the most talented nutritional chefs we are able to develop meal ideas that are not only nutritious but also assist in the natural healing processes of many common ailments.