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Optimal Sports

Sports Nutritional Therapy and DNA Sport

Optimal Nutrition is essential for energy and post event recovery  

The DNA Sport genetic test focuses upon genes shown to have a significant influence on perfomance and injury and repair. DNA Sport is quickly becoming an essential test for anyone serious about their athletic potential.

Recognising your true potential allows you to train smarter, avoid injury and perform to your peak knowing you are doing what you do best. Combine DNA Sport with Sports Nutritonal Therapy and you will develop a personal program that not only offers optimal performance but also supports post workout recovery and long term health. 

For more information on DNA Sport or any other test in the DNA Life series please refer to the DNA Life section on this website. 

We also provde body compositon testing using Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) in order to track the composition of lean muscle mass, fat and hydration. 

Remove the guesswork with DNA Sport, Sports Nutrtional Therapy and BIA and really understand your true potential.

For more information on this or any other of our services email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Green Apple Nutrition are certified practitioners for Nordic Labs DNA Life genetic tests.


Personal Trainers we really like

Exercise is essential at all ages and that is why the Personal Trainers we promote tailor your program specifically to you and your needs.

Training packages are available at home or gym based

Please note that personal trainers promoted on this web site are not employed by Green Apple Nutrition Ltd. We do not receive any remuneration from training programs and any arrangements made for personal training sessions are made between the chosen personal trainer and the client. Personal training programs are designed and developed by the chosen personal trainer based upon information that you reveal to them during your initial meeting. Please ensure that you reveal any physical limitation or concern you may have with your personal trainer before embarking upon a training program. Green Apple Nutrition Ltd advises all clients to speak with their GP or other health care advisor before undertaking any exercise program.

Rikki Varney Personal Training


Reps registered Personal Trainer

Training sessions available in and around Birmingham

Gym Based and Home Based

Hi, I'm Rikki and I have worked within the fitness industry for over 7 years, 5 of those years as a trainer and coach. My philosophy regarding training and coaching is to get my clients to their desired destination quickly and most importantly safely. I assess all my clients capabilities in order to create a personalised programme for their individual needs or wishes.
As a trainer and coach I am here to support and motivate my clients as much as possible along their journey. I not only aim to get my clients the results they are seeking but I also teach a wide variety of skills that promote good and safe practice. During your journey I motivate you to look forward to your up and coming sessions and make the most of the resources at hand.
I offer telephone and email motivational support throughout a clients program in order to help clients develop confidence.

Rikki Varney Personal Training

3 x 1 hour sessions - £110 (gym based) £120 (home based)

10 x 1 hour sessions - £350 (gym based) £375 (home based)

Every block of sessions will also include a detailed and individualised training programme for you to do in your own time and telephone and email support throughout your programme.

To find our more or to book your Personal Training program with Rikki Varney

t – 0777 246 4416

e – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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