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Body Composition Analysis

Body composition assessment is an important part of all our Nutritional Therapy consultations and features prominently in our Shape and Weight program as well as being offered as a stand alone test to anyone with an interest in personal health and wellbeing.

A number of factors make up our overall body weight, for instance the amount of body fat, lean muscle mass and water. Measuring these and other factors accurately provides a means of monitoring an individuals progress during weight loss, but also in the development of specific dietary or exercise protocols. Weight reduction that involves the loss of lean muscle mass for instance leads to a reduction in basal metabolic rate (the minimum amount of energy we use if we stayed in bed all day) and is the basis of what is known as the Yo-Yo diet. This is where an individual loses some weight and then gains more than they lost before dieting again. The loss of lean muscle mass can occur with poorly planned weight loss programs, through insulin resistance or as a consequence of long term illness that impedes the ability to be physically active.

Equipment used

Tanita Multi-Frequency Body Composition Analyzer MC-180MA



Total body weight, BMI
Total Body Fat, Fat Mass, Free Fat Mass, Visceral Fat
Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Phase Angle, Basal Metabolic Rate
Total Body Water, Extra Cellular Water, Intracellular Water

Segmental Body Analysis of Muscle Mass and Fat Mass
Trunk, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg
Muscle Mass Balance
Physique Rating

How is the test performed

Note this test is NOT suited to anyone with a pacemaker, artificial limbs, metal implants, a high fever or who is pregnant.

The test involves standing bare foot on the metal foot plate of the unit whilst holding a metal electrode in each hand. A small imperceptible electrical current is passed through the body and the resulting variances of electrical resistance are measured. The total test takes only a matter of minutes.

Results are presented as a series of charts and graphs. Previous results can be displayed in order to compare current and historic measurements. Segmental body analysis offers the opportunity for targeted training programs in order to encourage a balanced and proportional physique.

Body composition forms an important consideration is the development of personalised Wellness plans as it influences a range of metabolic functions including hormone and glucose regulation.

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