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Osteoporosis, Are You at Risk?

50% of women and 20% of men will suffer a fracture after the age of 50*

* source - the National Osteoporosis Society

Osteoporosis can affect both women and men and often goes undetected until a minor fall leads to an unexpected bone fracture. Screening for the early stages of increased risk of bone fracture can provide an opportunity to take appropriate preventative measures that may reduce the risk of developing this serious condition.

Early stages of osteoporosis are often painless but certain symptoms may develop such a as a loss of height, sudden back pain, change of posture or bone fracture especially of the hip, spine or wrist.

Bone density for women and men is at its highest around our late 20’s and remains relatively stable until our early 40’s. It is normal for bone density to reduce with age but a number of risk factors such as lifestyle, medications or common health conditions can increase the rate of bone loss and often these factors can go unrecognised.


Assessment of Increased Fracture Risk

Green Apple Nutrition Ltd provides a quick, simple and safe screening service for the detection of increased fracture risk. Following the completion of a risk factor questionnaire your assessment is undertaken. The procedure involves placing your bare foot into the ultrasound machine and the application of a light spray of an alcohol based fluid to your foot. The assessment takes a few minutes after which we will provide with a copy and an explanation of your result.

Assessments are carried out with the use of a GE Achilles Express Sonometer.The unit provides results expressed as a T-score. T-scores are based upon the World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of osteoporosis. According to ‘Oxford Analytica’ the technology used by the GE Achilles Express ‘provides similar accuracy to DEXA in assessing fracture risk’

The total procedure takes about 30 minutes during which time we will review any potential risk factors you may have of developing osteoporosis, perform the assessment, and explain the results. We will provide you with general health advice along with food and menu ideas along with lifestyle suggestions to support the health of your skeletal system.

Please Note - Skin infections or a previous heel fracture may prevent the carrying out of the assessment. Bare feet are required so please dress appropriately with coverings to feet that can easily be removed.

Relative Fracture Risk and Test Results

Low T-score above -1
Medium T-score -1 to -2.5
High below -2.5

Clients who produce a T-score of -1 or below are invited to immediately undertake a second test on their alternate foot (no extra cost involved). Should this result confirm the initial test the client will be provided with a referral letter explaining the test they have undertaken and the result of thattest. Clients will be advised to speak with their GP or other health care provider in order that they may request further investigations.


Osteoporosis, are you at risk?

50% of women and 20% of men will suffer a fracture after the age of 50

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